Rozwiązania retail. Przyszłość płatności. Teraz


BetterPOS is a Wrocław-based fintech company supporting socially responsible businesses - in particular the retail industry - by providing omnichannel tools for implementing CSR programs. We also digitize fundraising for charities, providing solutions for effective and efficient fundraising.

BetterPOS uses innovative technological solutions in cashless payments, offering the retail sector, among others:

  • payment devices
  • payment applications for POS terminals
  • Donateo microdonation system
  • omnichannel implementation.
  • One of many BetterPOS projects includes the first transparent microdonation system in Poland, Donateo, which allows donors to support a foundation or association without cash.

    Payment devices
    POS terminals applications
    Icon Charity programme
    Omnichannel implementations
    Loyalty programmes
    Digital signage


    Additional marketing activities
    Effective communication and PR
    Proven tools for implementing CSR programs
    Employee engagement
    No interference in the fiscal and cash register system
    Coordination and implementation support


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